Advanced Learning technologies Lab

IVON arroyo

A true hybrid across disciplines, professor Arroyo specializes in Learning Sciences, Computer Science and Educational/Cognitive Psychology. Her expertise is in the design of learning and assessment technologies for mathematics, for students throughout the K-12 level.

She and her team create intelligent tutoring systems that automatically assess students’ math skills, affective states and metacognitive states, respond to students on the spot, and report strengths and weaknesses (for the whole class and each student) in real time to the teacher, as students are working on the computer.

Her group has also created E-Textiles, electronic sweatshirts that enable educational math games in the playground or the gym, involving physical learning --measurement, gesturing and physical movement.

She enjoys teaching both because it allows for opportunity to impart knowledge and skills to students, as well as mentor a new generation of Learning Scientists that have a dual strengths in computation and core learning sciences,  allowing for an invaluable combination of technological innovation with theoretical knowledge of how people learn.



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